Siemens Somatom Volume Zoom CT Scanner

The Somatom Volume Zoom is a entry level 4 slice CT scanner that will make the multi-slice in CT imaging more accessible for your clinic. This CT scanner has been equipped with some of the features by Siemens that have already been tried and proven to work such as the CT³ Volume Scanning technique, the Siemens Lightning UFT detector array, the SureView image reconstruction algorithms and more.

The Siemens Volume Zoom has also been designed with the Siemens CARE solutions. This allows for low-dose, thin-slice acquisition with reconstruction that is uncompromised as well as a streamlined work flow. When you buy the Somatom Volume Zoom, you will have a CT scanner that offers 160 slices in a 20s breath hold. You will also receive 100 seconds spiral time, 125ms temporal resolution and 30 lp/cm spatial resolution.

Siemens Somatom Volume Zoom CT Scanner Features:

  • Siemens CARE solutions
  • syngo user interface
  • 50ms rotation time
  • 1.5 slices/s image reconstruction time
  • 60kW generator

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