GE BrightSpeed Edge Select CT Scanner

The BrightSpeed Edge Select is part of the BrightSpeed series from GE. This is an ultra-compact 8 slice CT scanner that offers you multi-detector CT capabilities. This system has been designed with the LightSpeed VCT technology that will allow you to perform your scans with applications that are not possible with a single-slice CT scanner.

The BrightSpeed Edge Select is a small and compact system that can be put almost anywhere. It also has the same easy user interface as the LightSpeed systems. If you are looking to a cost effective way to replace your single or dual-slice system, this is a great choice to go with. When you buy the BrightSpeed Edge Select, you are going to be receiving a CT system that delivers high processing power to produce high-resolution images at a low dose.

GE BrightSpeed Edge Select CT Scanner Features:

  • Ultra compact design
  • High resolution imaging
  • LightSpeed VCT technology
  • Equipped with Volara™ Digital Data Acquisition System

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